About Us

Hearing loss can happen so gradually, that many people are unaware it’s happening. Yet for various reasons, the national average amount of time people wait to address their loss? Seven years! 

You don’t have to wait that long missing out on the sounds of life. By staying proactive, not reactive, with your hearing health, research shows you can improve your overall health, professional success and well-being, including relationships of all kinds. 

Tejas Hearing Aid Center is dedicated to providing exceptional service for hearing rehabilitation for people of all ages. We don’t just sell hearing aids—we offer holistic, better hearing strategies that improve your entire quality of life. 

Proud to serve patients in the greater Austin area, including: 

  • Cedar Park 
  • Georgetown 
  • Hutto 
  • Pflugerville 
  • Round Rock 

Our Services 

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations 
  • Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting 
  • Hearing Aid Repairs 
  • Pediatric Audiology 
  • Custom Musician’s Plugs 
  • Hearing Protection  
  • Tinnitus Evaluation 
  • Tinnitus Management 

Meet Our Team